Yoga: No Levels, No Labels
Yoga: No Levels, No Labels
Yoga: No Levels, No Labels

Yoga: No Levels, No Labels

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No Levels, No Labels

is an accessible welcoming program & class that supports you in leaving your labels of yourself and of others at the door.  They are held compassionately for you until you are ready to take them with you or set them fee--just know that not everything is meant to stay; some things are meant to go...

Release body tensions, Rigidity of practice and stagnant thoughts through building a deep resilience of mind and inner space with embodied breathwork and a physical practice rooted in what works for you.  

Lean into your back-body standing your ground while embracing inter-connection and a rejuvenating practice. We will move through not only gentle movement to unwind and undo; but focused hatha yoga poses where you understand your own body patterns and create incredible shifts. From releasing tight muscles, to better joint mobility to creating strength and power to simply feeling better. 

This class is taught through the lens of whole body biomechanics, skillful safe-for-you alignment and breath awareness. 

We end each class with a guided deep relaxation experience.

At time, November from May, Heather offer's this in-person in New Mexico where you can stay after class and enjoy a hot cup of tea while transitioning out of practice and into the world. Heather is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and experienced in guiding yoga from a trauma-informed perspective.

Details of the Digital Program:
*PDF manual
*Guided Audio Tracks for class practice.
*Resources, links and relevant handouts
*Mini-audio tracks for intro, set-up & prep.
*mini-audio tracks focusing on breath awareness and internal-observation-based meditation practices. 

In all yoga based offerings by Heather, we honor the history and roots of yoga, examine the wisdom in the teachings of yoga in a way that works for you. We transform and use our practice to liberate; taking it beyond our mat into our life, our family, friends and community.  We can uplift each other's well-being by how we practice and learn how to be with discomfort, examine and question and cultivate new patterns.