Yin Yoga:  Unwind with Slow Holds:  Full Practice Session A

Yin Yoga: Unwind with Slow Holds: Full Practice Session A

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In Yin Yoga, we hold postures for long periods of time with the muscles in a relaxed state while focusing on objective observation of body, breath and sensations.  This stimulates the more dense deeper connective tissues of the body (such as fascia, ligaments, tendons), which are ultimately lengthened. There is deceased inflammation, better blood circulation and increased mobility which improves joint flexibility and calms the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest-and-digest response).

Holding postures allows us to observe the body’s sensations and create a profound connection with the inner workings of the body. Focusing on objective observation of body, breath and sensations, further developed deep resilience as in Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra and Breathwork and Meditation for Everyone

This is an amazing yoga class to help you release deep tension that causes your body to ache, improve mobility and increase calm & focus that you will notice in your daily life and all activities that you do.  This practice is for everyone --you adapt it so it works for you!

In all yoga based offerings by Heather, we honor the history and roots of yoga, examine the wisdom in the teachings of yoga in a way that works for you. We transform and use our practice to liberate; taking it beyond our mat into our life, our family, friends and community.  We can uplift each other's well-being by how we practice and learn how to be with discomfort, examine and question and cultivate new patterns. 

*Yin Yoga: Unwind with Slow Holds Class 1 audio track
*Sensations 1 mini-class audio track
*Audio Track Program PDF

November through May, Heather offers this in-person at in New Mexico where you are welcome to stay after class and enjoy a hot cup of tea while transitioning out of practice and into the world.