THRIVE! Immersion Program

THRIVE! Immersion Program

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Embodied Resilience & Wellness

The THRIVE! Immersion Program is an incredibly effective and immersive way to make profound shifts in your overall wellness. I created the THRIVE! immersion program because I believe all aspects of life impact us and how we do anything is how we do everything.

This Immersion has focus areas: Breath & Stillness, Resilient Mindset, Movement Matters, Wellness Embodied, and Experience Nature. We know they are all intertwined, so the program guides you from that perspective. You meld together wellness each day by taking something from the prior focus area into the next. When the immersion wraps up, you have aspects of everything woven into your life.

*Breath & Stillness:  There are so many far-reaching and long-lasting wellness benefits of breathing with awareness and spending time being still. We often refer to this as breathwork, meditation, and relaxation practices.

*Resilient Mindset brings awareness to our thinking, to our thoughts, thus working at creating a resilient mindset over time. you can think, feel, and believe anything you want to give you the tools to create the life you envision.

*Movement Matters: movement is any way that we move our body. Doing It in a way that works for you is what matters.

*Wellness Embodied:  Focuses on all areas of your life to create wellness and optimal health. Not only how you eat and how you move. We cover everything from eating to the home environment to sleep wellness.

*Experience Nature:
 Being with nature offers many physical and mental benefits. It is even being recommended and prescribed by healthcare practitioners

THRIVE! is a natural stepping stone into other in-depth programs like Resilient You.  OR take a deeper dive into other areas like Forest Bathing, Breathwork & Meditation, Movement & Yoga, Food and Wellness!  Learn More.

THRIVE! Details:
*Comprehensive PDF e-book manual that totals more than 100 pages.

* Bonus PDFS  to support you such as  Sleep Tips, Eight Life Areas, Mindset worksheets,  Forest Bathing PDF, Breathwork, and Body-scanning PDF, Yin Yoga PDF, Green Smoothie Tips, and more. 

*Audio Tracks guide you in breath awareness, breathwork, forest bathing sessions, Deep Relaxation, and other practices for Breath & Stillness. 

*Receive a special discount code that you can apply to the Resilient You program

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*Scholarships, Equity pricing, and payment plans available, Contact Me