Breathwork and Meditation: Full Practice Session A

Breathwork and Meditation: Full Practice Session A

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Stillness with Embodied Awareness

Practice a Full Class of Meditation and Breathwork for Everyone, a simple, natural breathwork and practical meditation that offer you deep resilience of mind. Overtime, these simple practices become integrated into your daily life and way of being, supporting you in living an even more calm, focused, healthy life. Explore methods for developing an expansive relaxed breathing capacity. This in turn helps lung capacity, oxygenation and cardio-respiratory health.

*Audio Track Program PDF
*Introduction and Preparation for Practice audio track
*Full Class Practice audio track
*Full Class script via PDF

This is for everyone.  It is a safe and welcoming with no experience needed—except for breathing!  It is  compatible with all philosophy and spiritual paths and not rooted in any religious tradition-simply open to all.

Each practice is complete. 

November through May, Heather offers in-person in New Mexico where you are welcome to stay after class and enjoy a hot cup of tea while transitioning out of practice and into the world.