Forest Bathing Immersion Program

Forest Bathing Immersion Program

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Guided Embodied Nature Sense Experiences

Heather's guided Nature and Forest Therapy sessions and programs help you connect with nature on your time, self-paced and where it works for you! 

Forest Bathing guides you into an inner state of relaxation, wellness and sensory restoration through participating in a series of sensory orientated and present moment focused invitations that guide you into a connection with the forest and nature. This Immersion Program bundle includes:

*Program PDF to guide you along
*introduction and Preparation Audio Track
*Guided Sensory Nature Experience Audio tracks of five unique Forest Bathing/Forest Therapy invitations.
*Written scripts of each invitation to support you in being tech free
*Intro video as well as links to resources from Heather and others
* link to Virtual Forest Bathing video with Heather (download or stream it via Vimeo. Link provided in manual)

Forest Bathing is an Eco-therapeutic practice done with nature which can be integrated into many indoor and outdoor experiences from simply being to outdoor adventures.

Some simple benefits are:
• You get a massive boost to your immune system. 
• Inflammation is reduced.
• Mood and concentration is improved. 
• Blood pressure is lowered. 
• Energy increases and sleep improves

Restore, Slow your pace, Rejuvenate

Note: These audios compliment and support you in creating your own practice: but do not take the place of working with a certified Forest Bathing Forest Therapy Guide.